Service Category: Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry

The All-On-4 dental implant methods is used to replace a full or partial bridge in just one visit to our clinic. With this process, we use 4 dental implants to fix a full bridge into the mouth. Depending on your case, we may suggest 4 to 6  or more dental implants to improve your implant success rate.

While other dentists may use your existing denture for the procedure, at Optimum Care Dental Clinic we create a custom prosthetic specially fitted to your implants. The custom prosthetic is longer-lasting and will improve the fit and feel of your new smile. We don’t suggest using your existing denture because most dentures are made from acrylic, a more porous substance. Because acrylic is more porous, it absorbs smells from the foods you eat more easily and usually needs to be replaced in five to seven years. Our goal is to help you have a new smile that lasts a lifetime!